How to find the things you want on the internet 2017? 

Hi, today we’re going to talk about the most relevant topics on regards internet searching.


First, what is Search Engine and how does it work?

In simple terms search engine is a program that search words, keywords, or phrases on internet to match that particular word/s.

So in practical terms is a program that finds what you want trough all internet sites in the world.

Today the information is the most important thing and that’s a big business. That said Google as well as others like yahoo, Bing and Aks are growing as fast as the demand order.


First of all, we have to understand that searching is a skill that can be learned.


Wikipedia is an open knowledge based site from where one can find a lot of information on regards almost everything. As the contribution is super high worldwide.

On Wikipedia you can find very specific things as they are almost from every language and written mostly from native people.

Once you find what you want or close related to the topic, next is go to


After having the idea of the main keywords on regards your topic, you have to google it and find relevant Site titles that attract attention. Open all the pages into new tabs and start looking all the pages one by one.

You may probably not find what you want but reading the pages you open can find news Keywords that can open new horizons to find your desired info or product.



Sometimes text is not the only chance we have to get the information we are looking there is also the video/multimedia/slideshows.

For learning purposes video or multimedia is always more interactive and easy to assimilate and understand. Most of the people tend to learn more visually and reading because visual memory has more longevity.

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