how to find reliable betting companies that pays. (Case Study)


How I found the most reliable online sportsbook company that is 100% trustable.


This article is a work that we’ve done for one of our clients on regards betting sector.

The main idea was to find a reliable betting company where my funds will be secure and no risk of any kind of scam. In order to find our clients desired sportsbook company we had to pass from different filter to understand which ones stays and which not.


There is no sportsbook that are the same. As they are unique each site has his own pros and cons. They can differ for the type of bonuses, the odds, the deposit/withdrawals etc…

But there are also regulations that one has to take into account as they are super important. So to find the best betting websites you can take a look the following;

Here is some of the most frequent aspects you can see in the sports book

  • Mobile betting
  • Odds for the different games (as much games the better)
  • The platform speed and odds posted
  • The user-friendly interface
  • Speed on deposits and withdrawals
  • All kind of methods for deposits and withdrawals
  • Fast and professional costumer service & live chat
  • Have time to time promos that you can use once you are a costumer


So depending what kind of person you are and what values do you like more you can start choosing the best that fits for you.

One can find all betting deposit methods on google easily.

For our client we went thru different metrics to get the best one.

After looking forward we found that is one of the few that offers a real and professional platform where one can place bet almost any kind of sports, with high customer service, great speed on processing the withdrawals and deposits. One of the greatest things also is that they offer a non-standard bonus which makes them even better.

After testing more than 20 sportsbooks we finally filtered as the best ones compared to the others.

As a newbie definitely will be the best choice also because the customer service is very responsive and professional making things easier to the player.

Of course this is our own opinion regarding our client’s needs. We do not take any responsibility and this is not an advice just an opinion.

Hope this article is valuable for you!

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