Volvo has shown the world the vision for the future of their electric car – Concept Recharger!

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Volvo is committed to selling only 100% electric vehicles by 2030.

On that occasion they became divided Concept recharge, And this car manufacturer called it “Revealed“For their next-generation electric cars.

Volvo will create its own operating system for electric vehicles, but will also work with companies such as NorthVault, Google and Luminaire They also released the first pictures of their ideas for electric vehicles on their future projects Concept recharge Which has a flat floor and an unusual door opening (another picture in the gallery).

It has the company’s sensors LuminaireWhen, Volvo Collaborates with a Swedish battery company Northvolt, On batteries that will help future cars travel 1000 kilometers before running out. This will be a big improvement for Volvo, as the XC40 Recharge can cover 420km. The two companies will also build a large factory in Europe by 2026 and it will produce these batteries, he reported. TechCrunch.

Future Volvo cars will be able to use it as a mobile generator or “mini power plant”, meaning they will supply power to connected devices. We’ve seen something like this with the model Ford F-150 illumination. The company shows their operating system VolvoCars.OS Act asUmbrella system ” Including for all pre-existing operating systems in their car Infotainment system For which they will be responsible Google, Linux, QNX and Autosor. Although their vehicles can have up to 100 Electrical control unit (ECU – electronic control unit, allowing all functions to work in one unit), They will work on a basic computer system consisting of three main computers, which have been developed as partners in Nvidia.

In terms of design, it can be said that users will have much more free space in the car. Volvo The hood has been lowered and the roof has been further adapted to the ventilation, but the driver has been able to retain the road view. As you can see in the footage at the end of the lesson, Volvo has modernized the grille on the front bumper and changed the design of the headlights, which now look like hammers (thought to have been inspired by Norse mythology and Torah, Since it is a Swedish car manufacturer). In the photos you will also see the 15 inch touch screen which is located in the control panel Concept recharge.

As this is an idea, many things may change before the official presentation and release, Volvo plans to launch a premium electric vehicle soon XC90 SUV. The first is the company’s electric car XC40 Recharge Which was released this year and The Verge reported that the model will appear at the end of the year Recharge C40.

Source: Volvo

Source: Volvo

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