The woman shared her bad experience after online shopping – many find themselves in this situation!

Source: Instagram / Screenshot / MRSisthanHanshall

Shopping online, especially when it comes to registered stores, is sometimes like buying a cat in a bag. What we see on the internet is often not consistent with what they provide to us and guessing the exact size is just a real pain.

Blogger Containes Hall, which ordered sexy lace tops online, and Australia also faced the same ordeal. To make sure it would be the right size for him, he decided to order a large number and then show what he got.

“Just when you order a higher number,” he wrote next to the photo, which shows that the top literally can’t be pulled to the chest.

Many laughed at his experience and a large number of them said they had the same experience.

“The story of my life,” “It happened to me a million times, thank you for being truthful,” “This is me, literally every time I buy a new cannon,” just a few comments.

However, one sharp-eyed commentator noticed that the sleeves were not on top of the ad that was given and not on what he bought.

What are your experiences with online shopping?


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