They are shocked to see the symptoms.

Salma Hayek (54) was a guest on the show “Red Table Talk” hosted by Jade Smith (49) and the two actresses touched on various topics and one of them had a breast augmentation.

– A lot of people think I enlarged my breasts and I don’t blame them because they were small. And the rest of my body was small – Salma talked about some of the good aspects of menopause.

– Some women lose weight but there are some women who gain a few kilos and their breasts grow. And increase in breastfeeding women. I’m just one of those women and I’ve had breast augmentation in all of these situations – added Salma.

Although Salma also has a beautiful body line at menopause, she discovered that there is a downside to the constant growth of breasts.

Salma said, “My back is really suffering from this.


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