Sony Development Studio has bought Nexus software, it is the second acquisition in a few days and the third is expected soon!

Source: SmartLife / Sony

It is just a company Sony He revealed that he bought a development studio House Mark (COM)Video games Return), New information has come that they have owned another one.

It is a famous studio in the Netherlands PC port (Games were originally made for consoles) It’s almost Nexus software.

Their biggest game Marvel’s AvengersWhich they have created in collaboration Crystal Dynamics. Although that information may not seem promising (since it is) Marvel’s Avengers Absolute failure), we are satisfied with this information because it could have potential meaning Sony Save more video games for PC! It has long been known that this Japanese company was very happy to sell the game Horizon New Dawn For PC.

“We are thrilled that talented Dutch studio Nexus Software will join PlayStation Studios. It is a great pleasure to welcome a team with such deep knowledge and experience to the PlayStation family. Congratulations to everyone on the Nexus software.” – Executive Director PlayStation Herman Hulst, Transfer Gamespot.

The financial terms of this acquisition have not been disclosed “Due to contractual obligation”. How is everything going?, Sony Don’t stop here, there are allegations that the company will be the next development studio to buy BluePoint Games Who is in charge of the remake of the game The spirit of the monster. In addition to the game Marvel’s Avengers,, Nexus software Also known for PC Game port Deuce Ex: Mankind is divided And last Tomb Rider Trilogy

Sony Interactive Entertainment He surprised everyone when he marketed games for computers Horizon Zero Dawn i Gone are the days, And it is already known that the next title will appear PC With PlayStation To be console Supervised 4: The end of a thief Although this has not been officially confirmed. Otherwise, information has emerged that i Sushima’s ghost Could go out for PC, But Sony Refuse to share more information!

Last year Microsoft Became the owner Bethesda Soft Works Companies and no doubt that exceptional war is waiting for us. We think PC players will benefit the most from this conflict!

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