At the Gradina border crossing, passenger vehicles are waiting four hours before departing from Serbia this afternoon, the Serbian Auto-Moto Association has announced.

Source: Tanjug / Nikola Andzik

According to the Border Police Administration, at 1.15 pm, 60 minutes of stopping of passenger vehicles at the entrance of the country at Horgos GP. In GP Kotroman, there is a 40 minute delay from entry and exit from the country.

According to the latest information from PE “Serbia Roads”, at the toll station Stara Pazova, the car was detained for 15 minutes.

In the evening, drivers can anticipate the intensity of traffic on priority roads I and II as well as our border crossings, which can occasionally lead to slower driving and a bit more delay.

The busiest are the GPs to Hungary and Croatia, but Gradina to Bulgaria, and Pricevo to northern Macedonia.

Truck stop at our GP:

– GP Batrochi, departure time, 120 minutes delay,

– GP seed, departure time, delay 180 minutes,

– GP Calebiza, TMV on departure, delay 60 minutes.

(Mondo / Tanjug)

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