Assassin’s Creed: Infinity is a completely new and unexpected platform in the AC universe, which will serve as an online service.

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Ubisoft Montreal i Ubisoft Quebec They were integrated to do something completely new Killer Religion: Infinity Platform

We intentionally wrote the platform, not the game, although the titles mentioned would be both.

Like a game, Killer Religion: Infinity, Will feel the fundamental change.

As a platform it will be an online system with a series of different systems and huge different historical chapters, which have no end. Yes, AC: Infinity is conceived as an endless game, which constantly gets content and new chapters and so stays the same, and yet different and better.

Imagine a new AC universe system like Windows 10 OS – it’s Windows 10 OS even after every upgrade, but it’s always rich for some new features and new features. Of course, money is the ultimate goal, but make the most of the resources invested in the development of the game. Ubisoft is modeled on Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto 5 which runs year after year, earning a lot, and doesn’t change drastically with each new update.

So, instead Huge individual gamesWhich is different from each other and has been waiting for years Ubisoft’s plan is to have a game in which new chapters will appear which will lean against each other, and complete story stories for themselves

The game is in the very early stages of development and the management of the two Ubisoft companies believe that this is the right way to further develop the Krid franchise of the killers.

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