The new SYMFONISK image frame speaker is the third Wi-Fi speaker in this collection, connecting music and art in a different way.

Source: SmartLife / IKEA

However, it turns out that what the Internet was whispering about is better – Smart Wi-Fi speaker Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

We have already presented two interesting topics IKEA Symphony Wi-Fi speakers.

We test Shelf-sized speakers, But and A speaker in the form of a room lamp, And the Swedish company in partnership with Sonos has introduced a new Wi-Fi speaker – in the form of a photo frame!

Research shows that music is one of the most important factors in creating the right atmosphere at home for many. IKEA and Sonos recognize the importance of the term and its positive impact on life. IKEA’s combination of Sonos experience in creating home decor knowledge and quality speaker and melody experience, The CMFonisk line combines great sound and great design.

ikea symphonic wifi speaker image
Source: SmartLife / IKEA

Paintings that sound like art

The new Symphonic Wi-Fi speaker in the form of a picture frame is simultaneously an artwork that fits the room perfectly, and seamlessly but interestingly presents the music experience in a completely different and unexpected way.

The Symphonic Frame speaker connects via a Wi-Fi network and can be used as the sole sound source in the room or connected to other products from the Symphonic line or other Sonos products.

Like previous Simfonisk products, this speaker is also a part of the Sonos system, meaning listeners can connect to more than 100 streaming services as well as a full range of Sonos content. Supported include Spotify Connect, Tidal, YouTube Music, Dizar, Apple Music via AirPlay, as well as connections to other IKEA and Sonos Symphonic speakers in the same room or apartment and elsewhere at home. This way, through the app, you can create the music environment the way you want, exactly wherever you want.

The SymphonySk frame-shaped speaker easily connects to Android or iOS devices via the SONS S2 app, and all features and rules apply to other SONOS products as well. It is enough to place the speaker in a straight or laid-down mode on a wall or shelf / furniture, plug it in and attach it to the specified application.

In addition to playing music from the streaming service, you can listen to radio programs and podcasts simply using your phone or using the speakerphone as part of an integrated connection with other devices in the environment.

Sonos music experts told SmartLife during the premiere that they spent most of the time adjusting the sound so that it was simultaneously penetrating, pleasant and ambient. SYMPHONY photo frame to reach every part of the house where it is located. They wanted to combine the deep bus with the best triplets and midrange at the same time, so that every kind of sound could be reproduced in the right way.

Availability, price and test

The speaker will be available in black or white, with interchangeable fronts of various designs which is a great advantage of this package, which is so easy to fit in any living or work place.

Starting July 15, 2021, the Symphonic Wi-Fi speaker in the form of a picture frame will be available in IKEA department stores and IKAARS, when the price of the speaker is announced, which is sold abroad for ারে 199, or Euro. Additional designs of various designs are sold for 19.99 euros or dollars and we will know the prices in Serbia after installing the speakers on the domestic site.

SmartLife had the opportunity to talk to IKEA and Sonos engineers and designers, and during the interview we learned many interesting things, which we will publish in a separate text, while we will publish an experiment of CMFonisk speakers in the form of a picture frame.

If you’re still interested in something, as always – the comments are yours!

SYMFONISK Wi-Fi speaker picture frame video
Source: IKEA

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