Some girls are willing to do anything to attract the attention of their interested boys – even to make them jealous in unimaginable ways!

Source: Tiktok / Screenshot / Kenyikat

The craziest thing you did to get the attention of someone you were interested in? This question was asked by a girl in Tiktuk, and then the women started publishing their stories – and it is not known which story is insane!

Some of them are truly ready, which they themselves have acknowledged in their stories.

Starting this trend of ticket recognition, a girl named Kenny Gelly revealed that she faked a wedding to attract the attention of the man she liked and posted photos from that event on social networks.

Many told her that she was exaggerated, to whom this girl told that it was a turning point and that she had to do something. However, as she explained, she was working as a wedding planner model at the time and that’s exactly how she was able to duplicate a wedding.

Influential Hannah Stocking has revealed that she played boyfriend with her friend after the breakup. He turned into a man, and then he was with his friend, that is. The “girl” went to town to play with her boyfriend.

Hannah Stocking has disguised herself as a man

Hannah Stocking has disguised herself as a man
Source: TickTock / Screenshot / Hanstocking

In one, in the final case, Tiktok star Lanais admits she ruined the pregnancy to bring her ex-boyfriend back.

“I faked a sex discovery party because I wanted my ex to get pregnant with her and hold the baby,” she admitted in a video with 1.5 million likes.

However, he filmed a friend releasing a blue balloon on the street, as a sign that he “expected” a boy.

Tiktokarka Rochelle admits that she once asked a complete stranger to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to paint, and she turned to another boyfriend to reveal it.

The craziest thing you did to get a boy’s attention?


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