Chaos in Greece! And all because of the crown.

Namely, Galatasaray players were not allowed to go to Greece, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry strongly criticized official Athens.

The reason is – the request for an additional PCR test and the refusal of the Turkish First Football League to enter Greece. Turkey blames the Greek authorities for the harassment of the Istanbul team.

FK Galatasaray


FK Galatasaray

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said: – It is not polite to refuse a negative PCR test and to order a new test from the entire team.

Galatasaray assessed the behavior of the Greek authorities as clear discrimination and demanded an apology. The Turkish Premier League team arrived at Athens airport on Monday, where they were supposed to compete with Olympiacos of Greece.

However, before entering the country, the team was asked to take a new PCR test, because they were not recognized for the test that was done in Turkey. The staff and professional players refused the new test, as he conducted with them tests that did not exceed 24 hours.

At that time, the head of the Greek Civil Protection, Nikos Cardalias, decided not to allow the Turkish team into Greece.

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