Illegal smuggling of chips and GPUs is a growing problem in China, Hong Kong and other countries.

Source: SmartLife / Intel

Supply and supply chains were disrupted, and markets were disrupted by rising demand for cryptocurrencies.

A new era and new trends have led to the fact that chip smuggling easily replaces technology and other popular products such as: technology smuggling.

Hong Kong and China have seen a sharp rise in smuggling of various types of chips, and only in June did customs officials cut two chains of illegal transfer of Intel chips. In most cases, stolen or illegally obtained chips are smuggled out of the country and sold on the black market at many times higher prices than the original ones due to the large shortage.

At first, two men illegally tried to transfer 256 Intel i7-10700 and I9-10900K chipsets to them, while in the second, 52 more chipsets hidden around the gearbox between the driver and front passenger seats were seized. The first attempt at smuggling alone cost more than 3 123,000!

Lately, Chinese customs are increasingly facing attempts to smuggle and GPU, it said. Graphics chips and graphics cards themselves, which are used for cryptocurrency mining. In this case, that China has passed the law Restricts the creation of cryptocurrencies Due to the huge use of electricity, due to the ultimate adverse effects on the environment.

Recently, during a raid in Ukraine, police stopped the mining of cryptocurrencies at a large crypto farm where More than 3,800 PlayStation 4 consoles have been blocked. So far, these consoles have not been connected to Ethereum cryptocurrency mining, but virtual miners seem to be very resourceful.

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