Everrati and Superformance will work together to create an electronic version of the GT40.

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The two companies, known for making more modern versions of older cars, will now join forces to build electric cars. GT40.

Everraati and Superformance The world’s oldest sports car and endurance race will work together to restore the four-time champion.

This is a competition 24 Hour Man,Which is this model of the company Ford Four-time (1966 to 1969 from) four-time winner thus breaking the long-standing dominance of the organization. Ferrari. Now two companies will make it GT40 A model that will be driven by electric drives. Everraati Will not use the original GT40 The model, a great replica he already made Performance.

Their plan is to develop 800 horsepower, or about 600 kilowatts, a torque of 90 lb-ft (120 Newton-meters), and a battery capacity of the plan liquid cooling system to develop a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in less than four seconds. The 700-V will also power the electronic architecture in a two-engine drive e-GT40 There is support for DC sends fast charging as well as AC charging New Atlas.

According to reports, this electronic model will be able to travel more than 125 kilometers before the battery is discharged. e-GT40 There will also be two driving modes in question and answer Sports and leisure, And it is very interesting that the drivers will be able to keep the steering wheel both left and right. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Everraati Found that GT40 The first result of cooperation with the company Performance, Which means we can get electronic versions of other older models soon. In the gallery you can see more details about the performance but what it looks like E-GT40!

24 hours Le Mans Ford GT40
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In your opinion, which old car should be the next electric one?

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