This isn’t the first trip to the French design home company in terms of technology, so after a flexible screen and 1000 1,000 bag, it was the turn of the Avent-Guard speaker.

Source: Smartlife / Louis Bhutan

New Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up SpeakerIn some modern SFs it serves as a pattern lost to aliens Film. As expected, LV bags are well known as an expensive accessory 8 2,890 price Not too surprised.

The inspiration for the new speaker design comes from legend LV hat The bag and the speaker itself have a light effect, which emphasizes the recognized colors of this brand.


In addition, the top of this speaker has been cut and the patterns have been arranged on the mesh leather surfaces at the top and bottom. The circular ring bears the name of the illuminated Louis Vuitton, and the rainbow has 23 LEDs in all colored lights. The combination of porous metal, leather and illumination is best described Cyber ​​chic, Pretty much something you see in SF movies “Fifth element”, A certain combination of fashion and technology. After all, see for yourself and tell us to see the most of this speaker us

In addition to the Louis Vuitton logo, this $ 3,000 speaker has a 3-inch (7.62cm) hoffer attached to two 0.75-inch (slightly less than 2cm) twitter. The original company said that these speakers create a 360-degree sound image, which is a little hard for us to believe.

You want to equip your office with a conference system, and that’s enough for a mid-range speaker powered by a Qualcomm QCS 404 chipset.

The conical shape of the speaker contrasts with its name, but it also means that it must be on its side, which does not affect the quality of the sound, as it fits its orientation. At least that’s what the manufacturers are saying. To keep it from moving away from your desk and converting it into a 3,000 3,000 paper container, the company packs an extra dock with a Horizon speaker so you can place it and it stands upright. Connection is possible via Bluetooth and activation is also supported via Apple AirPlay technology.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker
Source: YouTube / Louis Vuitton

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