The video, released by “Informer”, alleges that Velzko Belivuk, Marco Milzkovic and other members of their criminal gang have a conversation about how they plan to seduce and annihilate Lazar Vukiyev in Ritopek’s “house of horrors.”

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Source: TV Pink / Printscreen

An audio recording was released to the public on Thursday, in which Velza Navolza and Marco Milzkovy and their collaborators allegedly heard Lighter Vukiewicz draw to Ritopek’s “House of Horrors.”

In the audio, as he claims Informant, It is heard that Belivuk and his associates are planning to kidnap and brutally liquefy Vukiewicz. The audio recording of the plan explains in detail how Vukiewicz will lead the weekly side of Ritopek’s death.

Other topics include the following words in the conversation:

“Just tell him to get up at the excise, go downstairs, someone will wait for him in the car and we’ll take him to the slaughterhouse.” Also, at the end of the audio recording, an even scary statement is heard:

“We were just waiting for him to come and lightly approach the butcher.”

As the media wrote, Vukiyev was one of the victims of this infamous dynasty who was the most brutally tortured, perverted and brutally murdered.

Lazar Vukiyevvia disappeared in October 2020, most recently in Banvo Bordeaux, and has been missing since.

(Mondo / Informer)

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