Partizan footballers will play their Conference League Qualifier Round Two match against Donajska Streda tonight at 9pm, and you can follow the details from Humska in a live blog on Blic Sport.

Partizan – Dac (starting at 8 pm)

20.18 – News arrived from Russia! Sochi footballers beat Azerbaijani Kechla 3-0, which means that they have already given one foot in the next round where they will play against lions and whites.

– The Dunajska Streda team is not better known to our fans, except that a year and a half ago it was a competitor to the Red Star in winter preparations. Then Dejan Stankovi disassembled the DAC and the result was 4: 0

– The Lions and Whites enter this match with a great victory at the beginning of the Serbian Premier League, when they defeated the Proleter team with a score of 4: 0, and striker Ricardo, who scored two goals, shined in that match.

starting lineups

Partizan: Stojkovic, Miljkovic, Vujacic, Sankanin, Orosevic, Judic, Zjilar, Markovic, Bantic, Jovic, Ricardo.

Donajska Strida: Jedlička, Vera, Kružilak, Beskorvanji, Valor, Mumu, afer, Fabri, Balić, Divkovi, Taivo.

Where do you watch

The match starts from the Partizan Stadium in Humska at 9 pm, and you can watch it on two channels.

Serbian Radio and Television will broadcast the match on its first programme, as well as Arena Sport on its first programme.

on the eve of the match

Partizan coach Aleksandar Stanojevic also expressed his expectations ahead of the start of the Conference League qualifiers.

First of all, he revealed that he is not interested in what other Serbian teams will do in Europe – the Red Star in the fight for the Champions League, as well as Vojvodina and Kokáriki for the Conference League. He only looks at his “yard”.

FC Partizan, Conference before the Congress of Congress

Photo: FC Partizan / Miroslav Todorovic / FC Partizan

FC Partizan, Conference before the Congress of Congress

– I’m not so patriotic as to think about Serbian football. I’m only interested in Partizan and we’re looking at how to move forward. And the people who run Serbian football have to deal with these things. We have matches three days ago, tomorrow, and then again … I deal only with Partizan and wish us all the best – Alexander Stanojevic indicated at the press conference.

Talk about the upcoming match against DAC.

– We are careful, we believe in ourselves. We are in a good moment, we enter with confidence and faith that we can achieve a good result. We hope this goes in the right direction. We are ready, we know where the danger comes from, said Stanovyevich, who will not be able to count only on Ivan Obradovic.

“Everyone at the club is happy and excited to be playing in front of their home fans at Hamska Stadium in more than a year,” said Stanojevic. He is also content to change the rule by not viewing a target far away.

When it comes to the Slovakia team, Stanojevic had words of praise.

– It’s a country on the rise of football. Their team is mainly made up of international players, and their coach is from Hungary. They play 3-5-2, they change the way they play, they have a clearly defined way of playing, they remind of the Hungarian national team, said Stanojevic.

FC Partizan, Conference before the Congress of Congress

Photo: FC Partizan / Miroslav Todorovic / FC Partizan

FC Partizan, Conference before the Congress of Congress

According to him, Partizan will try to impose his style of play and will not adapt to the opponent.

We will try to take advantage of their weaknesses. We’ll see who imposes himself. “We have our own style that we will try to follow,” said Partizan’s coach.

Captain and goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic expressed his satisfaction with the return of the fans.

The most important thing is for football to look like football with the fans again. There will be winds in our backs, said Stojkovic, stating that Strida are a good, serious team with a winning mentality and Partizan should be very careful.

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