Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for parents to leave a child, so the social work center has to intervene and in some cases the child stays in a competent state institution. There are also prison sentences for parents who neglect their children!

Police station for social work
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Today, everyone was shocked to learn that a four-year-old boy who had fallen asleep in an empty bus seat in Turnpike by a bus driver on the 35L line. The parents were nowhere to be seen. They were later found The parents found out, as well as the mother was “apparently intoxicated.”, And that she had previously told police she had lost a child.

Unfortunately, the social security system does not have precise information on how many children leave their children on the streets or at their doorsteps a year without parental care, but as a parent organization, social work centers start hundreds of activities and deprive parents of their rights each year. Experts explain that in very rare cases parents are deprived of the biological right to have children – This decision of the Centers for Social Work is usually preceded by serious pathology in the family – child abuse and neglect or serious physical or mental illness of the parents.

When asked what restrictions they face when their parents leave their children on the streets, ministry colleagues answer:

Neglecting the duty of the parent who has abandoned the child is one of the reasons for the complete deprivation of parental rights and it is also a criminal offense to abandon and abuse a minor. Article 193 of the Criminal Code (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 85/2005, 88/2005 – Revised, 107/2005 – Revised, 72/2009, 111/2009, 121/2012, 104/2013, 108/2014 and 94 / 2016). The paragraph of this law states that a parent, adoptive parent, guardian or other person who utterly neglects his or her responsibilities of care and duty or leaves a minor whom he or she is obliged to care for, is liable to imprisonment for up to three years.

Neglect and abuse of a minor by law – Article 193:

(1) A parent, adoptive parent, guardian or other person who completely neglects his or her care and upbringing responsibilities, leaving a minor whom he or she is obliged to take care of, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years. Not much.

(2) A parent, adoptive parent, guardian or other person who abuses or forces a minor to do extra work or work that does not match the age of the minor or begs or goes beyond selfishness leads him or her to perform other actions Harmful to his development, there will be imprisonment of three months to five years.

When asked about the future of children left by their parents in a cardboard box next to a container, in a park or on someone’s doorstep, experts from the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans Affairs and Social Affairs explain that children have been abandoned by their parents. In either area the children were taken care of for social work in the area where they were found.

“The Social Program Center is committed to determining the best interests of each and every juvenile by examining the child’s health and necessary healthcare, providing a safe and secure environment as well as taking immediate steps related to parenting. Takes “, Experts at the Ministry of Labor noted.

The experience of the staff in the centers for social work shows that It is not uncommon for parents to leave their babies on the streets – a situation more common where new parents refuse to pick up the baby from the maternity hospital. These are mostly children who have serious health problems, i.e. physical disabilities. Children who do not want to bring their parents into the family are cared for by social security and are usually placed in a foster home or a home for children without parental care. According to the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans Affairs and Social Affairs, there are about 70 children at home without parental care and about 5,500 children grow up in foster families.


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