The joke that started after the introduction of the new generation of Xbox consoles that looked like a fridge was taken seriously by someone from Microsoft, who built a real fridge based on the console’s reputation. Looks like it was just the beginning.

Source: SmartLife / Twitter / @Xbox ANZ

After sympathy Full size refrigerator Microsoft decided to make the Xbox series more attractive in the style of the X console, so it was launched. Limited series bag for Xbox series S console. Like refrigerators, the design depends entirely on the new consoles. The mentioned bag fits it Xbox Series S,, Two joysticks i Portable screen, You don’t want to separate everything you need when you go on a trip from the desired console.

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox

Microsoft introduced the new bag in honor of the new generation Fictional aviation A game that came out for the Xbox

Unfortunately, this idea came under the responsibility of the Microsoft team Australia and New Zealand And are limited series Only available through a sweepstake for residents of these two states. Only residents of the two countries who retweeted and commented on the new Xbox Australia and New Zealand team’s new Xbox suitcase have the right to participate.

Collectors can expect some of the lucky winners to hang their prizes on Amazon or eBay, so here’s a chance to pick up one of the most exciting parts of Xbox history.

Xbox Donuts?

Like the teams from Australia and NZ, the Xbox has one more Promoting the other side of the world, In the UK, where you can grab or at least try another interesting part of Xbox history in a short time – Christy Cream Xbox Donuts. The Xbox team arranged a promotion in the UK with a donut chain. This is according to the information described on the site A revolutionary new product with a smooth surface and ergonomic shape for increased comfort while enjoying. At this point, we will refrain from commenting on the details.

In the package with the code

If you bought a pack of 12 donuts, you would get it Two Xbox donutsIncluding the code you have Opportunity to get Xbox Series S console. If you are not lucky you have one month with the code Xbox Game Pass Final, Which means a great month of gaming for those who own a console or PC.

Crispy Cream Xbox Donuts

Crispy Cream Xbox Donuts
Source: SmartLife / Crispy Cream / PrintScreen

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, the promotion is permanent From 2 to 22 August, And if you’re in another country, sprinkle some sugar and draw an X of the chocolate, because that’s what you’ll be up to in this promotion.

There are games where promotions are arranged all over the world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Source: YouTube / Xbox

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