Windows 365 was a big hit and only those who were the fastest got it in a very short time.

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Microsoft has introduced the latest “innovation” in the Windows operating system – Windows 365 In July.

After just two days of free delivery, Windows 365 has reached its server capacity and free trial of Cloud OS is being suspended, as well as sales.

Windows 365 is an operating system and a cloud computer.

The user rents the infrastructure to Microsoft’s servers and chooses one of a dozen offers depending on the need. The monthly rental price of a virtual system, which can be accessed from anywhere and any device (one browser is enough) starts from 24 and goes up to $ 162.

The price is directly related to the configuration of the system on the server, and for office and daily use – Office, Internet, Multimedia – a monthly subscription of $ 32 will usually suffice.

Microsoft Windows 365 It is primarily offered to business users who need to think less about maintaining the system. This is the right move, as evidenced by the company’s announcement that all available capabilities on the server have been met in less than two days and that the waiting list for Windows 365 licenses is being launched.

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Windows 365 video
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