A single statement by Croatian tennis players on their return from the Olympics has raised a lot of dust in the neighbourhood.

The Croats had a complete dominance of tennis in Tokyo when it came to the men’s doubles, having had two pairs and four reps in the finals.

It looked great, but it was emphasized that it was not so much – when the tennis player returns to Zagreb.

The Croatian doubles the medals in Tokyo

Photo: Rungroj Yongrit/EPA;

The Croatian doubles the medals in Tokyo

Preparations for the finals were specific, with Marin Cilic and Ivan Dodig winning silver at the end, and Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic on the other side.

Croatian tennis players agreed on a practically negligible thing, that the medals were halved after the finals, so that each player received half a silver and half a gold, which did not happen. Cilic spoke about it after landing in Croatia jokingly – as reported by the media in the neighbourhood.

– When we qualified for the finals with both Croatian pairs, there was talk that we would halve the medals and that each of us four would have half a silver and half a gold. After the finals, that story somehow faded away, and the winners no longer remember it – said the famous tennis player.

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