Red Star players will try to win a place in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers in Moldova.

The opponent is Sheriff, and the first match ended with a score of 1: 1. Upon arrival in Moldova, Dejan Stankovic stated at a press conference that his team was ready to compete.

I think every next match is the most important. If we go back, it was the same against Kirat, he is now behind us. We treat this with equal importance. We know what this brings to the club and our fans and we will do everything we can to make them happy tomorrow – started Stankovic.

The match against Khairat would be perfect to repeat tomorrow.

– You know how, football is a strange game, but let it be against Kirat. Everything comes into service. If it is against bounties, and I am convinced it will be, we have a great opportunity to go even further.

Do you expect changes in their team regarding the fencing in Belgrade?

– Maybe only in rush attacks. He wasn’t in the team last time, and now we’ve seen him play for 45 minutes, but overall I think everything else will be the same.

Dejan Stankovic

Photo: FK Crvena zvezda / Nikola Mitić / Submitted Images

Dejan Stankovic

Concerns about the team?

– I don’t have them. I know the team of tomorrow, all the players who arrived are fine. We were able to rest. Dionysus had no problem. He was one of the guys we wanted to rest, because he still needed a rest because he came later for the preparations. Everyone who came is healthy and one hundred percent ready. I don’t know if you always notice those who aren’t there first, or the other twenty-three. Pavkov had stomach problems, just like Babich, but Srjan trained with us twice, and Pavkov once. This is not enough after 7-8 days to be included in the team.

Also, the team is ready for everything.

– We are also ready for sanctions. More precisely, at 90 and 120 minutes a penalty shootout. Beautiful lottery penalties, what is required is a cool head and a big heart. Nothing else – concluded Stankovic.

The number of spectators is expected to range between 6000 and 6500 thousand spectators, as 50 percent of the stadium’s capacity has been put up for sale.


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