Doctors at the University Clinical Center (UCC) in Nice are fighting for the life of a young man whom rescuers pulled out from under the pool at the “Chair” Sports Center around 1pm today.

Source: Mondo / Stefan Stojanovich

The beta agency at UTC was told the young man was admitted with water in his lungs and his life was in danger.

“The young man was conscious at the time of admission, but was upset and could not contact the doctors because he had water in his lungs. He had no physically visible injuries at the time of admission, but tests showed he had serial rib fractures on both sides of his chest, baskets and Sternum fracture.

According to doctors, the young man was connected to a respirator after water came out of his lungs and his condition is still difficult, as he has suffered severe damage to his lungs.

For now, the circumstances under which the young man was at the bottom of the pool at a time when there were a large number of lifeguards and swimmers were not known.

According to unofficial information, at noon, none of the family members and friends asked for information about the young man’s condition at the clinical center, and his identity was not known until then.

(Mondo / Beta)

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