The agricultural sector, including 5G, is expected to earn 6 9.6 billion by 2030

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John Deere is an American agricultural machinery manufacturer that includes tractors, combines, mowers and similar products. They add traditional thematic and well-known machines, and 5G componentEricsson, who will be in charge, will encourage innovation in agribusiness.

The recently concluded partnership agreement for research and development of technological innovations using 5G technology will be an incentive for new revenue for agribusiness. 5G will provide more efficiency and lower power consumption than 3G and 4G. According to a survey of the potential of 5G for businesses run by Ericsson, the sector Agriculture By 2030.6. There are potential billions of dollars in revenue, with অতিরিক্ত 1.9 billion in additional revenue coming from 5G.

5G Agriculture

5G Agriculture
Source: SmartLife / Ericsson

In addition to 5G, the company will focus on the IoT platform to identify and address challenges in this sector through connectivity. Ericsson and John Deere’s R&D centers will apply mobile ecosystem technologies such as Narband IoT (NB-loT) and Cat-M1 as agribusiness solution drivers based on 3GPP standards.

As such, it will contribute to the process of digital transformation and inclusion in agriculture 5.0, and concept checks will be developed primarily by John Deere’s Latin America division in Indayatubai (Sao Paulo) and the John Deere Center for Agriculture, Precision and Innovation. (CAPI) on campus, where 5G equipment will be installed.

5G network
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The agreement includes equipping John Deere factories with fifth-generation machinery so that farmers now have more efficient machines, and thus lower costs and higher yields. It should be noted that technology is bringing more and more young people back to the countryside, creating employment and creating entrepreneurship.

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