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First significant update Windows 11 The Insider preview version of the new operating system brings new applications and an old tool in new disguise.

Microsoft has updated and changed Microsoft Mail,, Microsoft Calendar I Microsoft Calculator, Whose new features, formats and additions can only be tested in Windows 11.

Press Windows key, Shift key and S key And it will be open to you Microsoft Snipping Tool.

This is, translating into Serbian, cutting the screen image to your shape and size. New options have been added for selecting chopping sizes as well as adding text or bookmarks. This tool also works on Windows 10, but Windows 11 doesn’t have the “luxury” option as it does now.

Application Mail I Calendar, In addition to the new look, they get soft and rounded corners, but also significantly improve the background, which will make them faster and better when integrated into the OS.

Just for her love GitHub team Microsoft developers have rewritten the Microsoft Calculator application in C # and allowed independent and other developers to insert their own calculator add-ons whenever they wish. The calculator has now got a new look like mail and calendar, but there is also a dark mode, which is still missing.

It looks like the new apps will be in the Windows 11 operating system, it doesn’t look like they will come Windows 10, Because in the official announcement of the launch of the new operating system, the old one was not mentioned at all and it was said that Windows 11 will get more advanced and newly designed applications.

It seems that Microsoft will do its best wherever we should be persuaded to switch to the new OS.

What would you say to Windows 11?

Windows 11
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Windows 11 operating system
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