American winger Aaron White arrived in Belgrade today, and in this way the Red Star basketball players completed themselves before the start of preparations for the new season.

White is one of the newcomers, along with Nikola Ivanovic, while the remaining reinforcements are from the returnees, Nikola Kalinic, Luka Mitrovic, Stefan Lazerevich and Nate Walters.

“I can’t wait to enter the hall and play in front of our audience,” White said, then said in Serbian, “See you, Dilly.”

The winger center has rich experience playing in Europe, having played for teams Bonn, Zenit, Zalgres, Olympia, Tenerife and Panathinaikos in Milan for the past six years.

Red Star will start preparations tomorrow when they do standard medical exams.

Video: Full standing in the match Zvezda – Budoknost


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