To everyone’s surprise, Intel today unveiled its new Arc brand for long-announced graphics cards, including first-generation Xe HPG and future graphics card models.

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The new Intel brand Arc will cover not only hardware, but also software and services and will be relevant to the new generation. Xe HPG Architecture (DG2) Code name Alchemist. Graphics of this generation Will appear in early 2022. Intel further emphasizes that their graphics will support modern technologies such as Hardware Ray-Tracing, AI Super Sampling and DirectX 12 Ultimate.

All those technologies

To remember, Ray tracing technology Enables better visual effects because images are created by following the path of light as pixels, which mimics the effect of light colliding with a virtual object in the path. This results in a realistic display of light, but requires special graphics card hardware.

DirectX12 Ultimate
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DirectX12 Ultimate The latest Microsoft API that will be ideal for next generation games. The first graphics to support the DX 12 Ultimate was the NVIDIA RTX 3000 model.

AI Super Sampling A technology that renders games at lower resolutions and then uses artificial intelligence to enhance the quality of what you see, while showing the game in more frames and at higher resolutions.

Intel said in a statement today that this is an important moment in the company’s business in terms of graphics cards. The Arc brand marks the beginning of the company’s journey in the field of games and manufacturers, When the first products will be available in early 2022.

Intel Arc Graphics
Source: YouTube / Intel Gaming

The short video also reveals the new generation of code names that will appear under the arc code name: Battlefield, Heavenly and Druid. Unlike AMD, at least their code names seem cool, when AMD hasn’t been around for years: Carrizo, Champlain, Godavari, Thuban, Toliman

In addition to this little information, Intel has not broken down with additional information for its graphics, but has shown games that work well on their hardware: Forza Horizon 4, PUBG, Rift Breaker, Crysis Remastered, Metro Exodus And others.

Games in Intel Arc Graphics
Source: YouTube / Intel Gaming

According to unconfirmed data from the Intel GPU team, the promise is coming that we will hear more about the new graphics in the coming weeks and months. No announcement yet, but we believe that INEL will present both desktop and mobile graphics that can Match with powerful NVIDIA and AMD models.

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