Partisan coach Alexander Stanozevic will have to form a squad for the match against Santa Clara in Portugal, depending on which players will be ready for the starting lineup.

Source: MN Press

Partizan broke the backlog in the 180th minute of the clash with Sochi last Thursday. This is an upcoming one, they have to overcome all the problems in front of them.

Alexander Stanozevich’s team, severely weakened, will head out to Santa Clara Square, 4,000 kilometers from Belgrade.

Azores’ long journey in the middle of the Atlantic is by no means the biggest concern for black coaches. The fact that the match is being played on a volcanic island closer to New York than Serbia is now the last word on everyone’s mind.

Staff problems are much more worrying. Nemanja Jovic, Sasa Zedgeler and Danilo Pantic were all stationed in Belgrade. Because of the injuries, and the question is what is the condition of Alexander Shiki.

Only one question arises: which 11 players will run in the field of Ponta Delgada on Thursday at 10.30 CET?

There is no change in Tripod

That is what Alexander did the day before the match Stanojevic could not answer accurately. There are many problems, and we will wait for the last moment to decide.

However, what is clear is that Alexander Popovich will still be in the tripod.. Nemanja Stevanovic “stole the show” with a defended penalty against Sochi last Thursday, but Popovich kept Partizan alive in that conflict.

Alexander Popovich vs. Sochi
Source: MN Press

He had several excellent defenses, especially in overtime when many in the stadium “already saw” the ball in Partizan’s goal. Newcomer Milon Lukak went to the match with Santa Clara, but it is unrealistic to expect that no matter what his experience is, he will immediately get a chance in such an important match.

Right Back Cut “Connection”

This time, we will start from the safe places of defense where there is no hesitation. Slobodan Urošević After the heartbreaking game against Sochi will be on the left, and the stoppers will also remain unchanged.

Eger Bhujasik Will be combined with the command Sinia Sanisanin, And although there was a mistake at their party last Thursday, they showed that they can be a support when it is dense.

Eger Bhujasik
Source: MN Press

Only the right back remains. Stanozevic said his choice for the position would be influenced by the players in his hands in the middle of the field.

“Marco Zivkovic has prepared and played great throughout the match with Sochi, he is in a better position now, but Milzkovic has exceptional defensive qualities and great jumps. It’s a dilemma. It will depend on who is ready from the rest. The team.”

It looks like Zivkovic is still close to the starting lineup.

From problem to problem

It was revealed last week that it was Alexander the Great Rovit and the question is whether he will be ready for the match against Santa Clara due to a long-delayed receiver problem. The last thing Stanozevic needed was a new injury.

Sanya Zedgeler Injured against Sochi and could not prepare for the trip to Portugal. Stanozevic is the only one of the three central midfielders he uses the most Milos Jozic. He is the only safe on the team in this part of the field.

Milos Jozic and Slobodan Eurosevic
Source: MN Press

It remains to be seen whether Sekik will be able to start the match or maybe Beavers Natho will have to “come down” from the attacking midfielder’s position and play away from Santa Clara’s goal. The only remaining option is far from ideal – Milan Smiljanic rarely plays in the Super League, while Lazar Pavlovic is a much more aggressive solution.

In Partizan, they will definitely try everything to get Shiki to start the match.

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion

Keep in mind that Partizan will play in a 4-2-3-1 formation again, it is clear that he will be the captain of the right wing. Lazar MarkovichEspecially after a great game last Thursday. He has to do the opposite Philip Hollander.

Stanozevic has already announced that he will have a lot of defensive work in this match, and since Jovic and Pantic are not there, that is the only realistic solution to that position. One should expect between Markovic and Holder Bibarsa Natha.

Lazar Markovich vs. Sochi
Source: MN Press

In the scene in which Scekic starts the match, Natho is an attacking midfielder, Sejduba Suma can wait for her chance from the bench again, When the players get tired and he gets enough space to show his straightforwardness in the game. Especially when it is known that Santa Clara has played several matches The same 14 players, Without giving the player much opportunity to rest.

Of course, he will be on the attack again Ricardo Gomes Who would want to continue the goal-scoring trend in the European away games after goals in Slovakia and Russia? So despite the many unknowns, here are the expectations from the starting lineup:

Partizan (4-2-3-1): Popovic – Zivkovic, Vujasic, Sanikinin, Eurosevic – Sikik, Jozik – Markovich, Natho, Hollander – Ricardo.

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