Microsoft has announced that from March 2022, its popular services will be more expensive in some versions.

Source: Promo / Microsoft

If nothing else – Microsoft He told us in time!

Also, this is the first price increase in 10 years (at least he claims so Edge) And comes at an ideal time for companies – when most companies and business users are forced to agree to prices due to working from home and a large number of employees, who currently do not have enough flexibility to quickly re-establish new solutions.

Price increase refers to the so-called SaaS offers for business and commercial users And packages from the education domain do not apply to users and general users.

Office 365 Launched in 2011, it’s a really powerful business tool that lets you work from anywhere and from any device where you always save work on the latest paused documents and synchronize across devices.

Given that the company has more than 300 million active users who pay for Office 365 per month, it is clear that in the second quarter of 2022, Microsoft will only grow strong revenue from this service.

The price increase is valid from March 2022, so on the first day of that month it will be:

  • The price of Microsoft 365 Business Basic will be $ 6, 20% more
  • The cost of Microsoft 365 Business Premium will be $ 22, 10% more
  • The Office 365 E1 will cost ড 10, ie. 25% more
  • The Office 365 E3 will cost 23 23. 15% more
  • The Office 365 E5 will cost 38. And 10% more and
  • The Microsoft 365 E3 will be priced at ড 36, i.e.. About 15% more.

Price increases will be easier for large companies than for small businesses, which use the packages mentioned above, so it will certainly affect the budgets of small companies that are already significantly shaky due to the epidemic crown, which is not declining.

Ordinary users are safe for now and it’s good, although due to price differences in dollars, euros and other currencies, Office 365 subscriptions often change for the same period, usually a year, several times (we know personal experience, we don’t write by heart;)

What is your experience with Microsoft 356 and Office 365 services?

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