Speed ​​up your Android phone in two quick steps.

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If your phone is slow, heavy and needs more time to do normal things – it’s time Delete cache data.

According to HONOR’s research, Most Android phones become more than 36% slow during 36 months of useWhich is a really big reduction in performance, mostly due to optimized systems and apps and games for Android, which are created so that (unnecessarily or not) they store data in the background.

Android phones, whatever their price, are hardly able to handle data in the background of various applications and other things on their system.

A small number of manufacturers implement system optimization so that it removes data and various residues of data that it does not use from its system – so you have to do it yourself. Data and redundant data remains to be found Cache memory. View this memory as part of the memory stored for temporary data, which helps applications load faster and gives you the option of not entering passwords and usernames whenever you connect to a social network or online service.

If used Chrome browser Follow the steps below to clear your browser’s cache (we’re writing in English because the path to another browser on your Android device is the same):

  • In the Chrome browser, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Privacy and Security from the menu
  • Find clear browsing data and set time range. The period from which you want to delete all cached data.
  • Click on Clear Data and that’s it.

Do not include time to delete cache memory Browsing history I Cookies and site data, Because then you’ll have to sign up for each site again, and you’ll lose the list of all visited sites.

Now that you’ve cleared your browser’s data, it’s time to “clean up” your Android system.

Just follow a few steps like an internet browser and unnecessary data will be cleared quickly. Here’s how to clear your Android cache:

  • Enter settings
  • Click on Storage
  • Enter other apps
  • Allow list applications to see the amount of memory they use
  • Select the application whose cache you want to clear and
  • Click Clear Cache.

Remember that the application and internet browser will be as soon as possible Empty the cache Start filling those memories with new data, so do the same every few weeks.

If you have an option to automatically remove cache data on your device – enable it, but be sure to delete the data you need for a more enjoyable continuation of using the phone. This is what we mean Browsing history I Cookies and site data.

Details about cache memory Read our detailed lesson on this topic.

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