In a quick withdrawal from the social network, Kanami eFootball 2022 DLC and its price has been announced at ০ 0 / euro.

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With the announcement that it will eFootball (formerly PES) In order to be completely independent of the game, it was expected that there would be a certain system of monetization, about which we now know more.

Konami has released a premium DLC for those who pre-order the game for ০ 0. Euro in our region.

For that price, players get virtual money to spend on the game, eight “top” players and many other items, but Game! Zine The team points out an important “problem” – the DLC cannot be used in the first two months after the game is released, as it should. Available with updates only In mid-November or even late.

The game will appear with rather rare content, but Konami did not delay in releasing the DLC. These are now described in the deleted post Chance deal With which the top players-representatives of the strong club can be brought with money.

This is another negative thing for the new version of football. With a leaked snapshot Too bad gameplayThe players are certainly not thrilled.

With football coming out on F0 September, PC Demand has also been announced, and we can’t wait to see what comes out of all this noise that Konami has somehow managed to create a really good and quality football simulation.

PES becomes football video
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