The man was photographed urinating in front of the entrance to the building on Novi Saad’s Zeleznika Street.

Urine, entrance construction (4)
Source: Twitter / screenshot /

The recording was alleged to have been made yesterday afternoon, and the tenant of the building who filmed the incident, identified by local media as an “unusual” event, rushed to share it on social networks, where he received a strong response from viewers.

Despite the fact that there is nothing unusual about this incident, it happened in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Most of the commenters on the social network condemned the act, rightly saying that the unknown person was completely naked before going to the bathroom.

The tenants of the building said this is not the first time someone has made a big urination in front of their entrance and a similar situation happened a few months ago.

It remains to be seen whether this footage will deter people from targeting this entrance for their own needs in the future.


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