Zoran Popovic has been a reserve goalkeeper for the Red Star for a long time, rarely defending Milan’s inviolable end Borjan, mostly waiting for the opportunity on the bench.

Therefore, Popovich is rarely in the center of attention, but he is when it comes to his private life and his partners.

The goalkeeper of the red and white teams and his girlfriend Ivana recently revealed their relationship, which pleased their comrades.

What is also interesting about this relationship is that it is about the sister of the Montenegrin national team and Lazio star, Adam Marocic.

It is possible that Ivana and Zoran met during the period when the Zvezda goalkeeper and footballers from Serie A played together at Vodovac.

Popovic was in the center of attention the last time he revealed his relationship, it was at an FC Red Star celebration, which he came to with his then-chosen fitness coach, Ivana Ignjatovi.

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