OnePlus skips the OnePlus 9 and changes its software to the Oppo software.

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OPPO owns the OnePlus brand, however The real me, Even Vivo brand – If you don’t know!

And you may not know that he “holds” them all together BBK Electronic.

Now that you know exactly what’s going on, it’s time to say why you’re here – OPPO and OnePlus have already announced strong mergers E.g. The connection between these two brands is the technology, software and hardware they use.

Now we have the first official results of this collaboration – OnePlus 9 will never appear, Meaning there will be no new flagship phones from the OnePlus company.

As if that’s not enough news, OPPO and OnePlus have decided to integrate their software, viz. Android upgrade. So, the so-called OnePlus 2.0.

OxygenOS on the OnePlus side and ColorOS on the Oppo side are coming together in an integrated and improved operating system, which Oppo and OnePlus will say:

  • Quick and easy
  • Reliable
  • Smart and full of smart options
  • Clean and unload with blotware.

The first flagship device with the new operating system will be the OnePlus phone, but only in 2022, when there will be a major transformation of the new Android operating system to the Oppo and OnePlus phones. For now, no one mentions the state and the Vivo brand.

The name of the new operating system has not been revealed, but it is according to the director of OnePlus OnePlus 2.0 story, Which has just begun.

Unfortunately, from the promise made in January, when they were OPPO and OnePlus have merged That OxygenOS, which many users prefer, to stay there – nothing. At least we got a new promise, and that is that OnePlus phones will continue to work more aggressively to improve their current and future cameras.

What do you think of all this?

OnePlus Buds Pro Video
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