Horrible, horrific news comes from Italy.

Young football referee Marica Galicia, 27, died during a caesarean section at San Paolo Hospital in Savona, shortly after giving birth to a boy, who unfortunately ended up in an incubator, considering that the blood circulation was not working.

Marika got pregnant without any difficulties, however, there were complications during childbirth.

According to the report, Marika’s death was due to amniotic fluid emulation, a condition in which the pulmonary artery is blocked by amniotic fluid (the fluid that surrounds the fetus in the womb).

Records from the hospital indicate that Galicia was admitted to terminate a stable pregnancy, and that there were no problems during routine examinations. The patient’s condition suddenly worsened during the emergency caesarean section, and an investigation was launched.

Many clubs, as well as the Italian Judges Association, have expressed their regret for this judge, who has been in this position for 11 years.

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