China leads, but not just the number of CCTV surveillance cameras …

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As expected, China tops the list because its city has the highest number of cameras installed for every 1,000 inhabitants, according to a survey by research website Compare, And transfer Statistician, Whose data refers to 2021.

But China is not the only country that follows its inhabitants – a number in a European country Surveillance camera Extremely large, a study based on an analysis of 150 of the world’s most populous cities shows.

However, cities in India are also improving on this list.

Two cities in India have entered the list of twenty cities with the highest number of cameras in terms of population. Indore in India has reached the fourth position (64.4 cameras) and (Indian too) Hyderabad has risen from 16th position to 12th position in 2020 (36.5 cameras). Delhi has reached 16th position in 2021.

Located in the Chinese city of Taiyuan, Shaanxi Province, about miles0000 miles southwest of Beijing, it tops the list and has 117 public figures. CCTV cameras Per 1,000 inhabitants. The first non-Chinese city is London, known for its strict surveillance of the public, with 73 cameras per 1,000 people, and it ranks third on this latest list.

With seven and about nine cameras per 1,000 inhabitants, New York and Los Angeles are the only two cities in America in this analysis.

CCTV technology This is controversial in many parts of the world, and proponents point to the advantages of technology against crime, while opponents warn against using the possibility of surveillance as a tool to violate public control and privacy.

The authors of the study said they found little correlation between lower crime rates or increased feelings of security and surveillance in surveyed cities.

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