Are you stuck at your home, or are you looking to order glasses online for the very first time? Our six-step guide will assist you if you have previously purchased all of your glasses from an optical shop or ophthalmologist.


Step 1: Look for a good recipe


Before you can buy glasses online, you will need a current prescription for glasses. Most likely, you will save the recipe to a folder on your computer or in a drawer under the table. Perhaps you even scanned the recipe on your smartphone.


With prescription for glasses and measuring pupil distance (PD), you are ready to buy glasses online.


Wait! Are you unsure of your pupillary’s distance or how to calculate it? We have prepared an infographic, video and article to help you calculate the distance among your pupils.


However, if your prescription for glasses has expired, you will need to order an eye examination from an ophthalmologist.


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Step 2: Choose an online reseller


Compare online retailers like EyeBuyDirect to find the one that fits your needs. Read customer reviews on Google and Yelp, quickly see a selection of frames and price ranges for each site, and make sure your sight insurance is accepted.


Not all sellers offer eye insurance. You can request an invoice and send it to them for payment. You should be aware that this may take you longer to complete and could result in less coverage than you would receive from a network provider.


Step 3: Buy the perfect frames


Before you start to search, make your own checklist. Face shape: Do I have a round, oval, or heart? I’m not certain. Use our guide for determining your face shape.


Favorite frames You prefer basic black frames or bolder shades? What materials frame-plastic, wire rims or ecological? What are the dimensions of your current frames?


What is your budget? Note down the amount you plan to spend on glasses and lenses. You can shop online for frames by price. With a checklist, you can quickly find the perfect frame. Once you’ve found the right frames for you, upload your picture and you can try them out virtually.


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Step 4: Choose your lenses


After you have found the right frames, enter the prescription glasses or distance pupils. For some sites, this can be done later during the payment process. This will guarantee that you get the right lenses for you at all distances.


You can choose any accessories or upgrades to your lenses, such as blue light blocking, anti-scratch coatings or photochromic (transitions), which darkens when exposed to sunlight.


Step 5: Review the return policy


There is always the chance that you will order glasses online. budget glasses online will then have to return them.


To make sure you’re covered or that there are no financial penalties if something does occur, be sure to read the fine print of returns / exchange policies and product warranties.


Step 6: Confirm your order


After you have chosen the right frames and entered your prescription information, all lenses upgrades and coatings have been added, it is time to place your order.


When will you be able to get your new glasses and sunglasses?


You might have noticed the coupon page and the discount page of an online retailer. You will often be able to redeem the coupon code for slicing – and in some cases deep restrictions – the price of the glasses in your shopping cart.


Add the discount code and select glasses to complete the order. Don’t hesitate and dance. Your glasses should arrive in a few days or weeks.




Are you ready for glasses shopping? Choose an online retailer and take your checklist.


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