HMD Global has been publishing what’s in the box from the picture since the beginning of September …

Nokia's next phone premieres in October
Source: SmartLife / Nokia

We’ve been waiting for more than six years since the first Nokia tablet was launched in 2015 – it had an Atom processor and was named Nokia N1.

This season, HMD Global claims that with the new tablet we are “From a Nokia phone to a tablet is what we have always wanted“.

We can’t guess what it means right now, but we believe it will be a good tablet with good specification, affordable price and available to everyone.

The next generation of tablets will be part of the new Nokia T series, according to rumors on the internet, and the first tablet will be the Nokia T-20. It’s interesting that Nokia and its partners have shared a profile picture of the new tablet from the side where nothing can be seen together Nokia 3310 Returner Decades later, which is still popular today, so it has 4G and 5G versions and it is a common phone.

Nokia T20 tablet, If called at all, it probably won’t have feature software, but Android, and we expect the tablet to be part of an actively updated portfolio of HMD Global devices, which Android and Security and Google get updates the fastest.

What do you want to see on a Nokia tablet?

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