Sherif Moldova’s players last night made a first-class football sensation, defeating Real Madrid 2:1 in Madrid.

This result was certainly not dreamed of even the most anxious fan of the club from Tiraspol, not to mention the rest of the football audience, who saw the Moldovans before the start of the Champions League competition as a goal-correction team. The difference in the group is very strong.

However, the situation after two rounds is that Al Sharif, against Real, Inter and Shakhtar, leads the table with two victories, and now European football sees them with completely different eyes.

One of those who openly challenged the Moldovan side on the eve of the European season is former Liverpool and Feyenoord footballer Dirk Kite, who once suggested that teams like Al Sharif had no place in the elite.

“I know the Champions League is a competition for champions, but teams like Al Sharif don’t have what to look for,” Kate said.

Moldova did not forget it, so after last night’s big victory, they took the opportunity to “greet” him and remind him of his words.

– The great player Dirk Kite said that there is no place for Sharif in the Champions League. “I’m glad we destroyed his perfect world,” said Yuri Fernidoba, the most pleasantly surprised coach in the Champions League.

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