Actress Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney Company has been settled out of court.

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Simultaneously with the movie premiere, it was, otherwise, a very well-received movie premiere on the Disney platform for ড 30, which is how much the company charges for a subscription to watch the movie at home.

Of these, Scarlett did not have a dollar, and the 20 million she had already received from the film seemed small to her, so she sued Disney and Wanted 50 million more.

Probably nothing from it, so the media announcement that the actress received the requested compensation is incorrect – the details of the contract, i.e.. The contracts were not released out of court and we doubt they will ever be, but Scarlett got what she wanted.

On the other hand, Hollywood has not changed at all – Still Movie and streaming premieres happen simultaneously And there are many of them in the future, only now the actors can earn more, if they agree with the leaders of the studio. So, not even from the big media article that Scarlett Johansson’s case will change everything from the bottom up – not true …

I am very happy that the dispute with the Disney Company is over. I am incredibly proud of what we have done together and I have enjoyed working with them year after year. I look forward to joint projects that we will work on in the future“, Actress Scarlett Johansson made brief comments in a written statement to the media, and made similar comments at the end of the lawsuit against the Disney actress (and Disney sued her, but withdrew all those lawsuits).

However, Disney and Johansson are still really collaborating, it’s not just a humble statement – the project is currently in production Tower of terror, Which was inspired by a trip to Disney Park in Florida.

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