The Lyon Autoclave in Novo Mesto is known as a field clubs don’t like to play in, and the first team to kneel in the new season of the ABA is Mornar.

Barani suffered his second defeat in the first two rounds at the Adriatic, where they were beaten by Krka – 89:80

The Montenegrin representative decided to start the season by relying on local players, which many considered a bad move, and based on these two rounds, they were right. Mihailo Pavićevi’s team was poor on many criteria, from hitting the shot, to jumping. On the other hand, the home team scored excellently outside the 6.75 streak.

Rok Stipčević in particular stood out, who had an amazing effect – 9/10. It’s also the third-best 3-pointer score in ABA history. He scored a total of 33 points, but it’s also interesting that he only scored once for two, out of three shots. So far, only Tema Raniko and Josep Cesar have scored 10 three-pointers in a single match in the regional tournament, but no one has succeeded by 90%.

As for the match itself, it was initially played offensively and quickly, which was more suitable for the guests who had a slight advantage. Barani had the advantage after the first section, but Krka played a much better defense in the second and third parts, turned it around and deserved to be celebrated.

Stepsevich can take most of the credit for Krka’s first win of the season, followed by Jan Kosei with 20 points and Andrei Stavrov with 14, Vladimir Mihajlovic scoring 21 for Mornar, Davis adding 13, Smith and Gordic adding 10, and Mikovic adding one point. .

ABA LEAGUE – Round Two


Split – Partizan 59:69


Student Center – Zadar 94:78

FMP – Igokia 89:81


Krka – Mornar 89:80


19.00 Burak – Sedveta Olympia


18.00 Sibona – Mega

21.00 Red Star – The Future

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