The amount of etherium found in crypto-minors is record high.

Ethereum coins on the pile
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According to recent research, etherium miners are reluctant to sell their hard-earned money in the hope that they will The price of the exchange office jumped. When converted to 2 532,750 ether, the value of the coin in the hands of the miner is about 2 2 billion, which is about 0.45% of the total performance of 117.8 million ether.

This is very interesting because the miners are a group who regularly sell their earned coins so that current costs such as electricity, hardware and equipment can be maintained. Nothing has happened since 2016 that miners keep so many coins with them, waiting for the price of etherium to rise. On the other hand, keeping coins and not keeping them in circulation, the price goes up automatically, so if this trend continues, it has a great chance of pushing the price of etherium upwards.

Excavation speed is constant

A measure of the condition of a blockchain network is of course its strength, which is expressed in the hash rate values, i.e. the strength of the equipment employed by the mine.

In the case of the Etherium network, a large drop occurred a few months ago China has introduced restrictive measures For their mining. At the time, the entire network had about 477 TH / s (end of June), but in the meantime it was fully recovered, because Earnings from mining have become much more attractive. The current power is 150% higher than at the beginning of the year, reaching a record 745 TH / s on Tuesday, October 5th.

Are you waiting for the conversion to Ethereum 2.0?

Given that he is getting ready Great change is the ethereum networkThis is one of the reasons why miners start to keep coins. The new algorithm will completely eliminate miners from the story, as Xtreme will switch to Proof-of-Stack (POS) instead of the previous Proof-of-Work (POW) reward system.

Ethereum 2.0 explained
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6.7% of the total amount of etherium is already committed Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain-U. The Beacon Chain is the basis of Etherium 2.0, as it stores and manages the Validator Registry and adjusts the chain, and it will be operational from December 1, 2020. Beacon Chain lets users turn off their currencies right now, getting a good starting position when switching to Ethereum 2.0 completely.

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