The domestic film “Toma” has broken the rating record, and cyber scammers are trying to seize the popularity and earnings of the film.

Milan-Marik-Tamara-Dragisevic Phil Toma.
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The “Toma” image was viewed by more than 500,000 people in Serbia, the region and the EU region where the image has already been shown.

Although there are conflicting opinions as to whether the film is based on truth and to what extent, one thing is certain – viewers are delighted with the romance story about Tomo Jadravkovich.

As always happens, great success attracts different men who try to use that success and deceive people so that they gain some personal advantage.

When it comes to internet scandals, it doesn’t matter if it’s a “Tom” or “Black Widow” movie – hackers will try to use every popular title!

Nowadays, the movie “Toma” has reached the internet One person involved has been arrested And Internet access was denied after the hearing. This anonymous person has not released all the details, so it is still being investigated how “Toma” was leaked on the internet in excellent, full HD video quality.

The important thing is to warn you that “Toma” is not officially available anywhere to watch online and that anyone offering you to watch this kind of movie – on the Internet, for download or any connection to the Internet, is trying to deceive you.

How film scams work

The most popular type of scandal is downloading a movie directly from a computer Torrent file And it can run in any format other than a video format, so that there may be viruses or other software to attack the user’s computer.

Many scammers disguise themselves in .EXE, .MSI, or other types of files, which inexperienced and careless users run before any check and cause irreparable damage to both the computer and themselves.

To get a clear picture of how cybercriminals are trying to cash in on movie passengers, security and antivirus experts have analyzed disguised malicious files from new movies and phishing websites linked to hit movies like “Toma”.

The threats so far discovered in the movie file, which were masked viruses, were not confined to adware, but were quite versatile and dangerous. These include Trojans, malicious programs that give cybercriminals access to your sensitive information in the backdoor, and Trojans – PSW – thieves who collect login data, and even ransomware.

When a hit movie is shown, numerous so-called phishing websites are set up to steal bank details from visitors. Users will visit the website in hopes of watching the long-awaited movie and after watching the first few minutes of the movie they will be asked to register to continue watching it. At the time of registration, victims were asked to enter their credit card information and other personal information. Of course, after the registration is complete, the user cannot continue watching movies. The money is taken from their card, and the payment data ends up in the hands of the fraudster and can be used for a variety of further frauds.

Never pay a site to watch a single movie, especially not on dubious sites that have nothing to do with the movie directly – they are not marketed by the company behind them or any other organization responsible for distributing the movie, in this case the production companies. “Minacord“I”Cobrafilm“.

Instead of risking being arrested for illegally owning a “Tom” movie and illegally infringing on someone else’s copyright, go to the movie and watch the movie or wait for the legal digital version to be shown. DVD, so watch it at home.

The film “Toma” is accompanied by an exceptional security campaign, and those who participate in illegal “scattering” and watching the film may be legally sanctioned and, among other things, threatened with imprisonment of three to five years.

How the image “Toma” was illegally distributed in Serbia

Some users received a cloud link via a social network that had a specific shelf life. For example, until October 10, 2021. At that time, the device on which the link came, users can watch the movie or download it from the cloud server and distribute it further or watch it on another device.

Common platforms were used for link sharing, such as the social networks we all use, and public cloud space was used for which there was no need to pay.

This is a safer option, as the user can check by clicking on the mobile phone to see if he or she has actually viewed the content, but the copy is quickly finished in an online location, where the abuses described in the first part of the text are possible.

We hope you haven’t been cheated and that you’ve enjoyed the movie “Tom” in the right way – with friends in the movie and with whom you can share all the good things in the movie. “

Will they arrest me if I see “Tom” online?

Attempts to make illegal money with the help of pirated versions of successful domestic films are very common in our country, said Mirko Morkich Mondo, a lawyer and lecturer in the media and IT law of the Faculty of Media and Communications.

However, in accordance with the law, users of these services who see only the content mentioned are not mentioned in the law, explained our conversation.

“There is no legal penalty for those who do not share the recording, but only open it or forward it to a phone number. It is impossible to determine whether someone intentionally or accidentally sent the link to him or her Can claim that he did it inadvertently, that he did not know what was in it, as well as that he mistakenly sent it to any address, ”said Mirko Morkic.

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