Marco Civic told this touching story in March of this year.

Jivic Marco (4)
Source: YouTube / Printscreen / Balkan Info – Official Channel

Actor Marco Civic has died tonight at the age of 50. Unfortunately, he was not able to fight the corona virus and died on KBC Dragina Minovich, when he was connected to a respirator in the last few days.

On one occasion, he talked about his childhood and discovered that as a child he helped a blind girl.

It was a music competition in Zagreb and Marco joked that he was more popular in Croatia than here. He was a guest on the show in March of this year.

“I found out that we won, and they put some dolls on the stage for us, all the actors, as if they were sitting … It was agreed that when we all ran, everyone would swing the dolls to the audience until the end. He was old. 20 years and there has been a change … “, he said.

“She came to the piano, but she doesn’t know anymore, it’s very poorly organized. I saw her and I gave her that doll … everyone is making waves, I just don’t have a doll as the winner. Given, maybe now in Krusevac, the girl started crying and all the pictures were taken, because in Zagreb I had godparents, they told me I was the biggest star, because I gave her a doll, and I didn’t even think about it (how I gave him a doll) “I just thought he was standing alone next to the piano, I gave him a doll and took him to the stage, and by the time I became a bigger star here than Croatia,” said Marco Civic as a guest on the Balkan Info Channel.

Marco Živić was born on April 4, 1974 in Khrushchev. 1 Bel11 He died on 1 October in Belgrade.

He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Novi Sad and gained widespread popularity in both theater and film. He was a permanent actor at the Terraji Theater and a permanent member of the Belgrade Drama Theater. Marco has won many awards, and in recent years he has also been involved in humanitarian work.

She was admitted to the “Dragina Misovich” hospital after her health deteriorated due to the coronavirus. He was in intensive care for a few days and a few days ago his condition worsened and he was connected to a respirator.

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