Paul Merson, 53, the legendary English footballer, who made 320 appearances for Arsenal and 21 caps for the England national team, admitted that he lost all the money he earned during his career on the line!

Merson has struggled with problem gambling and betting for years, and during the coronavirus pandemic, while in quarantine, he lost all the money his family had prepared to buy a house.

– I thought I wanted to kill myself. How can I do that? How can I bet my savings? For the next seven days, I sat on the sofa, watching the children, thinking how I had let them down – Merson said in an emotional confession to the BBC.

The famous football player now lives at the expense of his wife who takes care of money. His wife switches off his phone so he can’t gamble, and gives him money for basic necessities.

Merson lives in a rented apartment with his third wife, with whom he has three children. The former soccer player has a total of eight grandchildren from three marriages, according to Currier.

The former Arsenal player said he bet nearly €8.5m, losing many homes, cars and retirement money…

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