Experience teaches us that some applications are really more dangerous than others, and these are just some of them.

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Internet security experts have warned that people should refrain from downloading third-party applications Malware And security issues.

This means that Android users should download the app Only through the Google Play Store, But even when they download them from there, the comments will read well and pay attention to the app’s ratings – because these two things mostly indicate that an app isn’t good, even though it sounds that way.

Unfortunately, the official app stores like the Play Store and even the Appstore can be just as dangerous as Apple and Google do not see, but also track the development of each app that is published and updated.

Hackers are looking for different ways to avoid security measures.

Due to the popularity of the Android operating system and its non-existence, Google Play is a particularly weak store. A closed system like Apple (Which the EU is now trying to properly open for third-party applications).

Users believe that all applications on these official platforms are legitimate and trustworthy, but it can be dangerous and users should still be quite careful.

These are the seven most dangerous types of applications, as evidenced by previous analysis by security companies, which should not be installed on your mobile phone.

Music player

Smartphones already come with great music playback apps and some new downloads may compromise the security of your device. Such an application Fieldo music, Which they associate with adware problems and even viruses.

Unverified internet browser

Users share a lot of personal information through Internet browsers, and some unscrupulous people can not only compromise your security online, but also compromise, lock or share your personal information on devices you don’t know. There have been examples of such Internet browsers so far UC Browser I Dolphin browser, Which is associated with various (proven) scandals.

Free VPN client

Free VPN reassures users that their security comes first, but usually it doesn’t and many of them sell their users ’data to make money. Avoid free VPN applications such as SupervPN I Pacific VPN.

Looking for something High quality and reliable, such as VPN client Which we tested.

Sound / voice recording application

Like the music player, most smartphones already have a high quality voice recorder and sound recording application installed, so there is no need to install any insecure ones. Q Recorder, An application found to use AlienBot Trojan.

If you really want the best sound recording app – we like it Easy Voice Recorder Pro.

Device maintenance application

While there are legitimate phone cleaning apps, there are many that can do you more harm than good. There are some of them Super clean,, Clinite I Clean virus.

Your phone already has a system optimization and system cleaning application, which is built into the software system itself and is enough for everything you need.

Radam Enhancement Application

There is no way to increase the RAM component of the phone unless the phone manufacturer allows it Internal memory is used for RAM.

Any application that claims otherwise must be malware. Includes applications like this Memory safe I Warehouse storage, Which has been shown to be harmful.

Unknown antivirus program

Antivirus programs can be useful, but the Google Play platform is flooded with these applications. At the same time, each of them claims that he is the best and safest Protects your phone from viruses And malware.

Conclude by staying with legitimate, well-known brands of antivirus programs that are usually paid for, he concludes. Android headline Website

Memory sorting application

People often want to have so-called disk cleaning applications because they are accustomed to their Windows computers. However, the smartphone does not have a computer’s HDD or SSD and does not need to defragment the smartphone’s memory.

Feel free to bypass all Play & Appstore apps you find and connect to!

A few tips for the end

Google and Apple regularly remove malicious apps from their stores, but that doesn’t mean the danger is gone. Many new apps are bringing secret malware to the store today, especially bypassing Google security checks. There are other popular applications that are not malware in themselves, but violate human privacy.

If you have any application mentioned in our text – delete it and get rid of the problem. If the application cannot be removed by general deletion, you must make a copy of the important data of the phone and multimedia, but also the contents of the most important application and restore the phone to its factory state.

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