At 9 pm, six matches from the third round of the group stage of the Champions League are on the programme.

You can follow the results and events of these matches directly through the blog Blitzport.

Benfica – Bayern Munich 0:2 (0:0) / Sane 70, Everton 80ag /

Young Boys – Villarreal 1:2 (0:2) / Elijah 77 – Pino 6, Moreno 16 /

Manchester United – Atalanta 3: 2 (0:2) / Rashford 53, Maguire 75, Ronaldo 81 – Pasalic 15, Demiral 29 /

Lille – Seville 0:0

Chelsea – Malmo 4: 0 (2: 0) / Christensen 9, Jorgino 21, 57, Havers 48 /

Zenit – Juventus 0: 0

81 ‘Retreat in the Theater of Dreams (3:2)! What a match!

80′ – Bayern will win (0:2)! Everton scored an own goal and now a real miracle should happen, if the visitors did not win three points.

77′ – Young Boys scored a goal (1:2)! Mishak Elia is the top scorer, the host team has a chance to draw a point against Villarreal in the end.

75′ – an equation in ‘Old Trafford’ (2:2)! Harry Maguire scored a goal and thus made up for a mistake scored by Atalanta’s second goal.

71′- Atalanta approached the third goal! Malinovsky hit hard from a distance of 18 metres, but De Gea saved the net with a good intervention.

70′ – Bayern finally reach the goal (0:1)! After canceling two of them, the Munich team managed to score, and the top scorer was Sane.

58′- Tripod Stand! Now United are attacking from all sides, the host team is more specific after Rashford’s goal, and McTominay hit the post.

57′ – Goals continue in London (4:0)! Georgino’s penalty kick again! First, Larson made a mistake, and the referee pointed to the white point for the second time in the match. The Italian certainly made a very tight penalty for the second time in the match and gave Chelsea a superb 4-0 against the Swedish delegate.

Details from the Chelsea - Malmo match

Photo: Neil Hall/EPA;

Details from the Chelsea – Malmo match

53′ – Demons decrease (1:2)! Ilic lost the ball, which then reached Fernandes, and again showed genius, and sent a great job from Rashford, who hit a far corner from the left.

52′ – Another goal for Bayern Munich has been disallowed! Now, it was Thomas Miller who shot, but the VAR decided he was in an illegal situation.

48′ – The goals don’t end in London (3:0)! Now, after the first real action, Haverz scored a goal, and Hudson Odoi did a great job. Permanshevic hasn’t really played football yet, but perhaps that is understandable because the European champion is his opponent.

48′- Great opportunity for United! Fernandez shares assists again, and now Ronaldo has thrown into a “one-on-one” situation with Moses, but the Portuguese is a very poor shot.

46′ – Matches continue. Demiral, Atalanta’s second goal scorer, had to leave the field due to injury in his place in the Lovato match. Viljko Permancevic, who will not play in the second half, also left the field.

Details from the Chelsea - Malmo match

Photo: Neil Hall/EPA;

Details from the Chelsea – Malmo match

45 + 3′ – The first half is over in all matches. Here are the results after the first 45 minutes:

Benfica – Bayern Munich 0: 0

Chelsea – Malmo 2: 0

Lille – Seville 0:0

Manchester United – Atalanta 0: 2

Young Boys – Villarreal 0:2

Zenit – Juventus 0: 0

45 + 1′- roadblock! Fernandez sent a pass, Demiral missed the ball, and Rashford escaped the offside trap and shot, but hit the crossbar.

43′- Cancel a goal in Lisbon! Robert Lewandowski managed to score, but the goal was disallowed due to playing with the Poles.

38′- United cannot in any way charge a fee for the initiative. Since they got the first goal, the “Red Devils” are a team that has the ball at their feet and shows the desire to threaten the opponent, but at the moment things are not going their way. Solskjer’s side have so far failed to usher in a more promising opportunity, despite having hit twice in a total of eight shots. On the other hand, the guests also hit twice into the frame, and both times the ball went behind the back of the home team.

29′ – Atalanta double the difference (0:2)! The Copmainers took a corner from the right side, and Demiral was better at jumping next to Shaw and McGuire and netting De Hee. Interestingly, the Turk was preparing for a goal change, as Gasperini was waiting for a break, and even Demiral was sticking to the back box while celebrating the goal. This is the first time this season that United have conceded two goals in the first half, but it is also the twelfth game in a row that United have conceded a goal.

Details from the Manchester United - Atalanta match

Photo: Peter Powell/EPA;

Details from the Manchester United – Atalanta match

21′ – Goal in London (2:0)! Lukaku won a penalty for the “Blues”, the VAR reviewed it and only confirmed that it was a penalty, then Syed himself entered the stage – Giorgino. It wasn’t in his style, but most importantly it was effective! What is a headache for Thomas Tuchel, however, is the fact that Romelu Lukaku cannot continue the match, so Havers came in instead.

16′ – Villarreal double the difference (0:2)! Parego centered a free kick from 20 meters diagonally from the left flank, and Moreno shook his head into the net.

15′ – Shock for United fans, Atalanta leads (0:1)! The work started from Iličić, who put the dog into the Zapakosta space, and served that guy on Pašalić’s five-pointer, who had no trouble putting the ball into the net. The video assistant referee checked whether there was an offside and, after all, the goal proved to be a regular.

10′- First chance in Lisbon, Lewandowski got a good cross shot, but the ball ended up in the arms of the Benfica goalkeeper after a header.

9′ – Here’s a goal in London (1:0)! Malmo’s defense fell, when Christensen used a cross from the right in a superb way and “found” the guests. The assistant was Thiago Silva. Previously, Romelu Lukaku had a very good chance.

Details from the Chelsea - Malmo match

Photo: Neil Hall/EPA;

Details from the Chelsea – Malmo match

6′ – Villarreal is ahead (0:1)! Perez was positioned from the left, the ball fell on the five-pointer, and there were no players, so it bounced, and Pino ran from the left wing and sent it into the net. A big mistake from the defense preceded the goal.

3′- Rashford had a one hundred percent chance, but failed to turn it into a goal. In the end, the fact that he was offside could make it easier for the fans of the “Red Devils”, but the Englishman had to do much better in this case.

1′ – matches started, Here’s how both games ended at 18.45.

Details from the Manchester United - Atalanta match

Photo: Peter Powell/EPA;

Details from the Manchester United – Atalanta match


The lineups for tonight’s confrontations are also known, and of the Serbian internationals, only Veliko Permanšević will start, while Radonic, Dimitrovic, Matic and Slimani will look for an opportunity from the bench.

on the eve of the match

The last six group stage matches of the Champions League group stage will be on the program tonight. One of the most exciting matches may be the one being played at Old Trafford, where Manchester United host Atalanta. The Red Devils have only scored one win in their last five games in all competitions, so they have the chance to end a bad streak.

Where all teams go through a difficult period at some point, that is the case with us now. We know we are in bad shape and we have to make progress. We go through this period as a team. We are talking, we know what we have to do and we expect a response on the ground. I like Atalanta. How they play, how they develop players and the results they get. Solskjer recommended that it could create a lot of problems.

And before this match, Cristiano Ronaldo also appeared on social media, where he indicated that his teammates and they have no excuse.

– It’s our time! We have to show what we made, and the Champions League is the perfect opportunity for that. There is no justification! Ronaldo wrote let’s go.

European champions Chelsea are the favorites at home against Malmo, played by Veliko Permanshevic.

It’s the start of the season, we’re not at the level we want yet. We still have work to do. The Champions League is a tough competition, anything is possible… It will not be an easy match, Malmo is a good team. We must win and maintain good momentum in the team, as the footballer Blavak believes.

In the second match of this group, Juventus visits Zenit. The old lady managed to improve her form, she was unbeaten in the last seven matches, and from them she achieved five victories.

I am satisfied with the way the team plays in both directions. We are working every day to make more progress. We are getting good results, and our confidence is growing. We are calm,” said Turin coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Juventus players

Photo: Alessandro DeMarco/EPA;

Juventus players

When it comes to Serbian internationals, the toughest task will be on Mile Svilar and Nemanja Radungic, as Benfica will attempt to create a surprise against Bayern Munich, who are playing superbly under Julian Nagelsmann. The Germans are 2-0 with a goal difference of 8: 0, but the Portuguese showed in the last round against Barcelona (3: 0) that they can be dangerous.

Sevilla could also have a Serb on the pitch if Marko Dmitrovic gets Zulen Lopetegui’s confidence to duel with Lille, while Nemanja Godeli is not registered for the elite competition.

Champions League – Round Three


Group A

Club Brugge – Manchester City 1: 5 (0: 2)

(Vanaken 81 – Cancelo 30, Marez 43p, 84, Walker 53, Palmer 67)

PSG – RB Leipzig 3:2 (1:1)

(Mbappe 9, Messi 67, Ben 74 – A Silva 28, Mukijili 57)

group b

Atletico Madrid-Liverpool 2:3 (2:2)

(Griezmann 20, 34 – Salah 8, 78p, Keita 13)

Porto – Milan 1: 0 (0: 0)

(Diaz 65)

group C

Besiktas Junior – Sporting 1:4 (1:3)

(Laren 24 – Coats 15, 27, Sarabia 44, Paulinho 89)

Ajax – Borussia Dortmund 4: 0 (2: 0)

(Royce 11ag, Blind 25, Anthony 57, Ali 72)

group d

Shakhtar Donetsk – Real Madrid 0:5 (0:1)

(Krivkov 37 AG, Vinicius 51, 56, Rodrygo 65, Benzema 90+1)

Inter – Sharif 3:1 (1:0)

(Dzeko 34, Vidal 58, De Vry 67 – up to 52)


Group E

Barcelona – Dynamo Kiev 1: 0 (1: 0)

(pike 37)

21:00 Benfica – Bayern Munich

F . group

21.00 Young Boys – Villarreal

21.00 Manchester United – Atalanta

Group G

Salzburg – Wolfsburg 3:1 (1:1)

(Adigeme 3, Okafor 65, 77 – Nmeka 15)

21.00 nights – Seville

group h

21.00 Chelsea – Malmo

21:00 Zenit – Juventus

Video: Dusan Tadic goal against Azerbaijan


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