Google described the vulnerability on its blog and asked all Chrome users to respond immediately.

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In early October, four high-risk vulnerabilities were discovered.

Confirmation of the existence of five more high-risk vulnerabilities and 11 other irregularities has already been published on Google’s blog.

These errors are given in the software Browser At the risk of all 2.65 billion users, it is important to take security measures as soon as possible, Google itself.

According to information found in the same blog record, this is also represented Hip buffer overflow absorption (Buffer overload) error, which is responsible for several high-risk threats in October. Stack memory contains program data by default. With spillovers, critical data structures can be overwritten, making them a potential target for attack.

Google Chrome has enabled an important update for the version 95.0.4638.54 And new.

Follow the path to make sure you are safe Settings >Help >About Google Chrome.

If yours Chrome version Agree with this version or higher number, you can proceed as if you have not read anything. If you do not have this version – you will need to search and update the same immediately. However, you should also know that the introduction of adequate versions will be gradual and you will not be able to defend yourself right now. In that case, you should check regularly whether the new version is available for your browser or let it do it automatically.

And one more thing for the endBe sure to restart Chrome browser, Because patient hackers can wait for this step to run an attack.

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