She told him openly about cooperative work and earning.

Source: YouTube / Cooperative Official

In addition to commenting on events at the White House, they touched on the love affair between Miljana Culias and Lazarus Soli Zola, and at some point Sanja joined them.

“Where are you going for the new year? Do you have any plans?” Janju joked with Deniz.

“What can I plan here? Did you plan anything?” He replied.

“I did, go to Greece for a while,” he said jokingly, and then asked Deniz how much he earned.

“I was here this summer, with a sponsor …”


“Ten. It’s like a basketball team, just no one plays basketball,” Deniz said, and Janju joked that he carried water on the basketball team.

“Wait, you’re choosing a partner for you from the PR team and that? Do you have the finances?”, He continued the interrogation.

“Yeah, I can’t do it alone. I don’t know the tax and that’s …”

“Well, you don’t make nine million euros,” Janju told him.

“I do a lot, I can’t …”

“What are you doing here if you make a lot of money?”

“To introduce myself to the whole Balkans, Slovenia still knows me, and now they want to meet me,” he said, referring only to the fan’s earnings.

“Did you have a lot of clients in London?”

“I worked alone. Only in the fans. I had a lot of fans, hundreds. They pay a monthly salary, so they see everything. Once I got 4,000 euros for a picture in court, who posted my picture without approval,” he admits. Did, and Janjua did not.

Dennis earned 4,000 euros
Source: YouTube / Cooperative Official

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