The American company Seagate has probably violated state sanctions against Huawei.

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A U.S. Senate committee has ruled that the maker of the cigarette may have violated a government ban by providing hard drives to Chinese maker Huawei.

According to some reports from Senate officials, Seagate has violated the 2020 embargo against Huawei and supplied its products. American sanctions.

The report instructed Seagate to suspend delivery to Huawei and asked the U.S. Department of Commerce to prioritize the implementation of the sanctions, which the Trump administration implemented after the claim. Huawei has become a threat to US national security.

Huawei has used Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba drives for its growing business with external data warehouses, and since August 2020, the next two have suspended their drives to the Chinese giant. Like all U.S. companies, they need a license to do business with Huawei in general. However, in 2020 Seagate said they did not consider a license required for hard drives.

All that is officially known is that Seagate has not yet applied for a license, and officials say they have stopped shipping the discs, but do not specify when or where it will provide proof. Some companies have reported that Seagate simply ignored US sanctions against Huawei and continued to do so. Supplies its products without a license.

Source: Mondo / Seagate

This is a problem that concerns a large number of American executives – that American companies are virtually selling their products to Huawei under the grain, and this is a situation that economists and market experts have warned since the beginning, because the cost of deliveries The amount was a few billion dollars. For Seagate in this case Edge Explained that it works according to all emotions including yes Obeys export rulesHowever, the American company did not want to comment on its relationship with Huawei.

Bureau of Industry and Security of the Ministry of Commerce (BIS) The same American site explained that they would fully investigate the case and punish Seagate, if found to have knowingly violated the ban.

Seagate said during 2020 that sanctions would not impede its supply, And the company’s business has grown since October of the same year, expressing doubts that Seagate is not complying with the export ban.

Experts’ predictions about the business of American companies, which in many cases make huge profits from doing business with Huawei, seem to be coming true, and the Commerce Ministry’s Bureau of Industry and Security suspects that some more well-known companies are following Seagate. Footprints

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