Basketball players of Lokomotiva from Kuban achieved a victory close to Lithuania, being 85:84 better than Lietkabelis, but after the match, one detail was talked about more than the result.

It is related to the goal of Ivan Boonic who finished the night’s match with three points, which he scored after a superb goal.

The former Serbian national team member was fouled during one break, and while he was already crawling behind the board at that moment, Pawnic attempted a shot from the back of the basket and hit it!

This goal caused the astonishment of both the opponent, which could be seen on their faces, and of his teammates, who could not believe what had befallen Pauni.

The commentator on the match was also surprised, as if at first he did not even score that the ball entered the basket from behind.

Watch how this situation looked in the attached video.

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